Travel Industry Insights: SMEs And Domestic Travel May Lead To Business Travel Recovery

  Border rules, duty of care, corporate budgets, fewer routes, tech alternatives and sustainability concerns will impact the recovery Small-and-medium enterprises and domestic trips for work are among the potential drivers for a near-term recovery in business travel, a segment hit hard by the pandemic, according to industry experts. Factors that could speed up business travel's recovery include reopening borders, accelerating Covid-19 vaccine campaigns, brighter global economic growth, so-called "Zoom fatigue" and companies seeking face-to-face meetings with clients to get a competitive edge over rivals, Derek Sadubin, managing director of CAPA Centre for Aviation, said during a CAPA Live event in 2021. On the flip side, employers' hesitancy to get back on the road, employee duty of care, tighter corporate travel budgets, including the use of travel agents for business , and companies' paying greater attention to their carbon footprint could drag down the segment,

Don't Lose Your Money To Unreliable Travel Agents

As avid followers of corporate travel agencies and developments in the travel agent and management industry - we thought we’d share this article with you as a warning to be careful which agencies you trust . _____________________________________________________________ Hundreds of criminal cases have been opened with the South African police, alleging that the owner of travel company Hello Darlings has failed to make good on holidays for which clients collectively paid millions. Five-star holidays on the crystalline shores of Mauritius and the Maldives. A hot air balloon ride high above Cappadocia in Turkey. Lavish dinners in Dubai. This is what was offered to thousands of travellers from South Africa. Many of these would-be holidaymakers say they spent years saving money for these one-in-a-lifetime experiences. So, when these all-inclusive holidays were advertised at massively discounted rates – including two-for-one deals – travel-hungry South Africans jumped at the

Business Trips Are Back: Here’s What The Brits Say

  70% of British workers agree travelling for work and conducting face-to-face meetings strengthens business relationships Almost half of the prospective business travellers would use work-funded travel to escape their household Expensing fancy hotels is top of the wishlist for 37% of respondents, as business travel returns A global leader in expense management and accounts payable automation, is announcing the findings of its latest YouGov survey, aiming to understand current attitudes towards business travel. The data paints an interesting picture of the renewed appetite for travel as a means to strengthen business relationships and escape the household. Workers have expressed an overwhelming opinion that travel remains important to strengthen business relationships. A survey of 1,202 prospective business travellers asked questions about their motives for travelling and if it still has an important part to play in business. Key Findings Everyone agrees business travel is crucial for

How Businesses Can Approach The Future Of Corporate Travel?

  Global travel was brought to an astonishing halt with COVID-19. Corporate travel was the worst hit and has shown a much slower recovery than personal travel. Even then, the initial months of 2021 showed signs of relief for corporate travel management .  This was fueled by the successful rollout of vaccines and freshly updated guidelines from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, which stated that travel was safe for vaccinated people. With these changing times, companies are often left with the question of how they can approach the future of corporate travel? This article covers everything business leaders need to know to plan and reboot their corporate travel sector for 2022. Let’s dig in! How can businesses plan the next phase of corporate travel? Some quick tips to get started with: Business leaders and executives need to understand how to boost employee confidence and security during corporate travel. Mapping efficient plans to help them achi

What Is Corporate Travel's Next Act?

  There are the doomsayers out there predicting corporate travel will never recover to 2019 levels and that a high percentage of meetings and events will remain virtual. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is probably the most high-profile proponent of this with a downbeat forecast that 50% of business travel will not return. Of course, it may well suit him and his businesses to support this view. Then there are those with a more optimistic perspective - the firm believers in the need to get out in the world and meet people face-to-face, especially in the corporate world.  Among this group are airline and hotel leaders who argue that while recovery in corporate travel will take time, it will return. The respective CEOs of EasyJet , Emirates and United Airlines have all been vocal on the issue. Some even say there could be more business travel driven by the remote working trend. (This also increases the advantages of corporate travel planners , just by the way…) Whoever is right -

Top Must-Know Business Travel Hacks

If you’ll soon be getting back in the skies or on the road for business travel, take note of these smart tips. Business travel is beginning to pick back up thanks to the rise in vaccination rates. This means that many business travellers, many of whom used to travel frequently, have to once again figure out the best “travel hacks” to ensure safe and efficient trips. Frequent travellers know that constantly being on the road or in the air can feel exhausting and overwhelming if you aren’t adequately prepared. That’s why a panel of Executive Board members shared some of their best strategies to make travelling for work easier.  1. PREPARE IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS FOR OFFLINE USE. An essential “hack” is to remember to prepare important documents that you are working in for offline use. That way you can maximize the value of your travel time and continue to keep up with your business’s demands when your devices are in aeroplane mode or you lack a proper Wi-Fi/mobile connection. And don’t forg

How To Help Business Travellers Get Moving Again

Organizations will need to rework business travel policies, attentive & responsive minds, and an openness to new ways of working. The rapid administration and rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines is having a profound impact on the resumption of business travel. Although COVID-19 vaccinations are helping to enable travel, it has further emphasised the complexities organisations and travellers need to consider. organisations will need to rework business travel policies, attentive & responsive minds, and an openness to new ways of working.  As employee Health & Wellness becomes a greater focus for organisations, understanding the impact of business travel on a company and its employees has become critical. For organisations to make a call on being #Travelready and finding the right time to return to face-to-face meetings will be a nuanced decision based on multiple factors extending beyond employee vaccinations.  Read more on being #TravelReady by reading these  corporate travel m