AI Can Transform Business Travel For Small Businesses

As technology continues to advance and companies incorporate artificial technology into their workspaces, the tools used to plan a business trip or claim an expense can be entirely automated The proportion of SMEs or small businesses travelling to engage in overseas business has risen to an all-time high of 83 per cent based on the findings of the Singapore Business Federation's 2017/2018 National Business Survey.  For aspiring CEOs looking to succeed in the Asia Pacific region's relationship-centric economy, establishing business partnerships and alliances through physical networking and face-to-face discussion is vital, and business travel will play a huge role in maintaining business momentum and relationships. However, small business travel can pose a challenge for SMEs in terms of limited resources for productivity and budgeting . Thus, the challenge for many SMEs will be to manage business travel and expenses as a strategic driver of growth. Tech Answers Artificial in

Navigating Business Adventures with Ease: The Benefits of Choosing an Owner-Run Corporate Travel Company

In the fast-paced world of corporate travel, efficiency, reliability, and personalisation are key factors that can make or break a successful trip. As companies expand their global reach, the demand for seamless travel experiences has led to the rise of various travel management options. One distinct choice gaining momentum is the owner-run corporate travel company. Unlike larger, more impersonal agencies, owner-run corporate travel companies offer a range of unique advantages that cater specifically to the needs of businesses and their travelling employees. In this blog, we'll delve into the benefits of opting for an owner-run corporate travel company for your organisation's travel needs . 1. Personalised Attention and Expertise Owner-run corporate travel companies are often smaller operations, which means that clients receive personalised attention and services tailored to their unique preferences and requirements. These companies have a vested interest in building strong

New Research Says It’s Time We Rethink Our Business Travel Programs

Ground transportation, sustainability, bleisure travel and meal options are just a few of the considerations, according to a new study from Uber for Business and GBTA Business travellers are taking to the roads and the skies again, but are corporate travel programs and policies keeping up with the way business travel happens now? With corporate travel and in-person meetings increasingly returning, businesses need to be thoughtful about how they’re implementing – or re-implementing – their travel programs, especially when it comes to their ground transportation. That’s the premise behind a first-ever ground transportation report – “The Corporate Travel Comeback: The Evolution of Ground Transportation and Other Trending Business Travel Topics” – which is based on a quantitative survey of corporate travel managers across the U.S. and Canada. From Uber for Business, Uber’s enterprise arm, and the Global Business Travel Association, the world’s largest association representing the pre-pande

Business Travel Health and Safety Tips You Should Follow

Business travellers should know it’s important to follow certain health and safety guidelines, within the context of this new world we live in. Here are several tips to keep you safe within the context of health, as well as how to avoid potentially dangerous situations that could compromise your physical safety. Het u  iemand  nodig wat jou  Afrikaanse besigheid se reis behoeftes verstaan ? Maak kontak met ‘n  korporatiewe reisagentskap  wat nie net jou taal praat nie, maar jou  korporatiewe reis behoeftes  verstaan. 5 health and safety tips for business travel today 1. Prepare ahead of time Your preparation for your trip should begin well in advance of the actual trip date. There are numerous aspects that you’ll want to get squared away to ensure your health and safety are protected. For starters, make sure you have the proper documentation before travelling anywhere—especially abroad. You’ll also need to look into vaccine and/or Covid test requirements for different destinations. All

Reasons Why Travelling Business Class Is Worth It

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to save money and get the most bang for your buck. When it comes to travel, many people believe that economy class is the only viable option. However, there are a number of reasons why business class travel is worth it – especially if you’re travelling for work. This corporate travel agency insight article will discuss eleven reasons why business class travel is worth it. You’ll get more rest in business class When you’re flying in economy, you’re usually seated in a small space with little to no legroom. This can make it difficult to get comfortable and get some rest. However, business class seats are typically larger and more comfortable, so you can actually get some sleep on your flight. Business class also usually offers other amenities like greater legroom, seat recline, and noise-cancelling headphones, which can all contribute to a better sleep experience. So if you want to get some rest on your next flight, co

Business Class Travel Is Booming In South Africa

Business travel in South Africa is booming, with travel numbers exceeding those of 2019, seemingly counter to remote-meeting expectations, writes BONNIE SMITH, GM of a business travel agency . Business travel in South Africa is booming with travel numbers exceeding those of 2019. There is one remarkable change though: it seems like South African corporates are increasingly insisting on travelling in style with business class bookings far surpassing 2019 numbers. This return to the front of the plane might be a boon for airlines, but it also raises several questions. Why has preference shifted to business class? Is it limited to the C-suite? Is it sustainable? What’s the business impact? A recent report by a well-known business travel agency addressed these questions. As business travel is becoming more intentional and considered, it’s often only the higher tiers of the company travelling. This goes against early predictions, which expected C-level execs to remain in their

Considering Traveller Well-Being In Corporate Travel Management

The corporate travel management needs and necessities of how people travel, and the ability to incorporate key stakeholders such as human resources, risk management, legal, procurement and corporate travel planners in travel policy evolution will be key to enabling a safe, confident and effective return to travel. As travel activities continue to increase, corporate traveller well-being should be prioritised to ensure a healthy and seamless corporate travel experience for all. Dr Deb Mills, the Medical Director of the Travel Medicine Alliance - a network of expert travel medicine doctors - to unearth the key corporate traveller well-being considerations for both travellers and their employers in the year ahead. Well-being and jetlag "An individual's internal time clock (circadian rhythm), medical history, travel activities and how alert or creative they need to be during their travels is unique, so health routines and travel recovery times are equally unique to the individu