Your Businesses Can Save Money on Corporate Travel

No matter the size of your business, saving on travel is important.
Even if your business can afford not to be frugal about corporate travel, that still doesn’t mean that your management shouldn’t be smart about it. Give your employees the freedom to choose and spend, and you will quickly go bankrupt – but give them a great policy, and they will save you money.Here’s how to reduce your corporate travel spending for good:Book Early and Stay FlexibleEvery frequent flyer knows the first rule of frugal travelling: book early.Planning in advance can help you save a lot of money on airfare and hotel stay. Unfortunately, this isn’t always applicable to corporate travel. A great percentage of work-related trips gets scheduled at the eleventh hour, which is why this type of business spending tends to be so costly in the first place.Nevertheless, you should book early whenever you can.If you start tracking your employees’ travelling habits, you’ll discover that there’s always some wiggle room yo…

Travellers Share Tips To Stay Safe From Coronavirus

For travellers who normally fret about forgetting passports, shaving kits or clean underwear, there is a whole new set of concerns as they prepare to hit the road again after being housebound amid the coronavirus pandemic.
With stay-at-home orders being lifted, those who travel frequently for business or pleasure are mapping their own strategies on items and procedures they'll need to stay safe at airports, on planes, in hotels or just trying to get from place to place."We never thought about everything we touch from the time we leave our home," says Peter Greenberg, travel editor on "CBS This Morning" and host of the "Travel Detective" series on PBS.
As one who has logged hundreds of thousands of miles on assignment, Greenberg doesn't plan to go to absurd lengths to avoid the virus ("I refuse to turn myself into a hazmat suit"), but he says he has a number of ideas that should help minimize the risk.Besides having a mask, he says he plans…

Make business travel worry-free

Ensure you're covered for accidents, illnesses and emergencies Probably one of the most important items on every traveller's must-have list is travel insurance. Sales and marketing manager Simmy Micheli, which is underwritten by Santam, says that accidental injuries, rather than illnesses, account for more than half of the value of claims it receives. Last year, for instance, the company had an R230,000-claim from a 43-year-old traveller who fell downstairs and suffered a concussion while visiting Zimbabwe, and an R650,000 claim from a 40-year-old who slipped at a pool in Mauritius. Further statistics show that about 15% of claims are from travellers who cancel their prepaid trips and, here, the most common cause is a medical emergency. One of the best benefits of a travel policy, Micheli says, is the medical cover.
SEEKING TREATMENT FOR A FALL OR EVEN A BOUT OF FLU OVERSEAS CAN BE COSTLY. Seeking treatment for a fall or even a bout of the flu overseas can be costly. Something…

8 tips on how to prepare for a business trip

Travelling for business is often a necessary evil, depending on your job and workload, but if the trip is well organised, you can get all the work done that you need to finish before returning home. It is important that you take some time to prepare for your business trip so that you can be as organised and efficient as possible while you are away.

Planning business trips is already stressful and chaotic, so you want to have everything in place before you go so that the trip is productive and as enjoyable as possible. You should avoid leaving everything until the day before you go away so that you don’t have to deal with any added pressure on the days leading up to your trip. Here are eight tips on how you can best prepare for a business trip and the different things you will want to consider.
Make Sure You Have a Passport… and One That it is Valid This may seem like an obvious thing to do before any trip, but you will be surprised at how many people forget their passport before they g…

How to get the most value out of travel, for companies and employees

Corporate travel has been on an unprecedented growth trajectory in recent years. As business models become increasingly global, companies will spend $1.7 trillion by 2022to send their employees travelling around the world. Corporate travel is the top growth market with Australia’s travel market, jumping 11 per cent to 21.3 million travellers in the 12 months to March 2018 and with business travel spend increasing 6 per cent to over $16 billion in the same period. In fact, the prospect of travel and having a good corporate travel policy has become a recruitment question and a means of attracting talent for many companies. Our travel policy data found that 44% of business travellers would actually leave a job due to poor travel policy, while 50% say that a company’s travel policy would impact their decision to take a job. With travel now having a direct impact on a businesses’ bottom line, we’re seeing examples of greater flexibility in travel policies to reflect the desire, status and e…

How to Have A Productive Business Trip?

Do not only fill you planner with things that are work related, you can spare time for yourself and take a break. Frequently, companies look for the cheapest flights in order to save a little money but this may contribute to lost time and unnecessary exhaustion. If you have a long flight, take advantage of the time you have on the plane. Making business travel bookings through TravelManor, and taking business trips are usually fast and can be stressful. In some cases, if we are not prepared ahead of time, we can suffer from negative external impacts such as flight delays, loss of luggage, jetlag, loss of time on transfers and waits in security lines. Knowing that these factors can hardly be eliminated, what can be done to minimize them in order to have a more productive business trip? During business trips, people tend to deliver a lot of information and receive a lot of information as well. This process usually happens in a short amount of time. That is why being organized is crucial. Fi…

Allow A Business Travel Agency To Deal With The Hassle Of Corporate Tours

So your company has given you a chance to travel for a corporate trip and since you think it’s a huge deal, you are pretty much flustered about it. New place, new people, new food — new everything!

Oh, and not to mention the reason you are travelling. Your work of course!

Can you imagine the hassle of dealing with everything while also being excited to travel? The pressure is definitely real. Fortunately for us, we live in the 21st century where modern-day corporate problems have modern-day solutions, and modern-day corporate tours have agencies that specialise in corporate travel management!

Allow me to elaborate.

What are Business travel agencies? They are often recognized as a travel management company, like TravelManor. These companies help people on corporate tours by managing and maintaining their corporate tour efficiently and effectively. Even though you can never be sure if all agencies are providing good quality service, you always have the chance to explore until you find the o…