Could Your Company Benefit from A Managed Travel Program?

A managed travel program saves time and money. Could your company benefit? Business travel plays a major role in the functionality of your company as well as the lives of your employees. If you are not working with a company that specialises in corporate travel services, you may be missing out on valuable resources, services, and savings.

Here are 4 Signs That You Could Benefit from A Managed Travel Program: You lack the human resources. Travel management often falls on someone with no training or experience in corporate travel. Company time and money is wasted when that person isn’t doing their job (but rather is comparing booking sites, airfares and assembling itineraries). A travel management company knows where to find savings.
You have little or no travel management industry knowledge. Do you know the most effective practices and/or best practices for corporate travel policies? How about knowing when and what to negotiate with travel suppliers? If not, you are definitely missing out…

Is It Time to Consider a Corporate Travel Management Company?

As a company grows, so does its corporate reach. Doing business within ever-increasing geographic boundaries is the natural evolution for ambitious CEOs. As this unfolds, business travel expenses escalate. In some organizations, these expenses escalate so quickly, the company loses the ability to effectively track and manage these expenses. This can quickly spin out of control into a genie-out of-the-bottle situation, since the travel budget for many companies represents the second largest controllable expense outside of wages and benefits. In some worst-case scenarios, it becomes a slush fund for personal indulgences masked as fraudulent travel and entertainment expenses.As with many business challenges, there can be multiple solutions.  For most, the implementation of, and adherence to, a Corporate Travel Policy is the first step (this could be an article of its own) and for a fair contingent of these companies, the use of a corporate Travel Management Company (TMC) serves as a cruc…

17 things to never travel without

Flights require a particular set of items if you want to remain comfortable and relaxed. The more you travel, the more you learn what to pack — and what to leave behind. As a corporate travel agency, committed to simplifying all your travel requirements and business travels - TravelManor keeps up to date on ways to make your corporate travel easier and more prepared. We hope this blog has some useful and usable travel tips.
As someone who has taken 15 flights in the last year, there are several items that are must-haves when traveling. Of course, it's a learn-by-doing process, but I've finally distilled my carry-on bag to a compact assortment of essentials.
Each time I step foot on an airplane, I bring with me what I like to call my "plane kit." The kit is an assortment of smaller items grouped together in a makeup bag that I take from flight to flight. This way, I don't have to keep repacking my flight essentials and am sure that everything I need is in one, easil…

Keep This In Mind When Choosing a Corporate Travel Partner

Every corporate or business that engages the services of a professional corporate travel agency should pick the agency very carefully to ensure it is a good fit for their business and that the agency will be able to deliver services that will provide for financially efficient travel arrangements and support to help manage travel costs.
We share this concise video, compliments of TravelManor Corporate Travel Agency, South Africa.


10 Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Travel Program

This article was originally written by Linda Bustos, provided courtesy of Human Services Directory ( Corporate incentive travel, is a great way to motivate and reward your valuable employees. Incentive travel can be group or individual, and the destination can be local or international. But every successful incentive travel program begins with careful planning. The following are tips to help you plan a corporate group travel program that fits your company’s culture, size and available budget: Determine your corporate incentive program goals. In specific terms, establish what the incentive program should accomplish. This could be an increase in sales, increase in production output or profits, or a reduction in defective products, sales returns or lost contracts. Be sure to assign a value to the improvement or reduction - a percentage, absolute number of units or contracts, or a dollar figure.Select the target group for the program. This could be management, employees,…